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Post Box

☞ PostBox

Twitter, Facebook, and SMS can be shared simultaneously on a screen and then SNS can be used easily.

It is the very useful service that can be utilized for pinpointing a location, reporting accidents during leisure activities(climbing, travelling, exploring and so on), attaching photos, moving clips, voice recording in real time.

☞ The way to register on Twitter

-Transmit after inputting on the window in case you will register on your own twitter
-Transmit after inputting “@account” first and then your message in case you will register on the twitter of the other part

☞ Before using

-Able to connect Internet
-Set your phone over 3G mode for smoothly transfer
-Sending and receiving can be delayed due to your network
-Register you twitter ID for transferring photos, moving clips, voice recording and files
-Takes some time to send moving clips and voice recording files due to encoding
-You can check the transferring process in the menu “Alert”
-SMS including text messages and attached files"URL" cannot be exceeded in 80bytes
-5 minutes after completing the uploading, deactivating the program in the memory

keyword : youtube, foursquare, twitter, facebook, me2day, social network, SNS

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OS:Android 2.2 and up

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